Debt Free News From A Debt Free Reader!

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce you to one of the readers here at Enemy of Debt.  Her name is Kelsalynn and she has recently become debt free.  She currently writes for kelsalynnfitlog, and she started out with $60,952 in debt with a minimum monthly payment total of $790.  Now she is DEBT FREE and can feel the tremendous burden that has been lifted first hand.  Her family has more options and her financial potential is remarkable. Kelsalynn used some of the questions from an article I wrote that was intended to be like a self interview.  I asked […] Read more »

Getting Back On Track After Getting Knocked Off Course

I am back ladies and gentlemen!  I feel like I have been out of commission for too long.  First let me just say that if any of you happens to catch the H1N1 flu going around, be sure to go to your doctor within 48 hours.  Also, be sure to stay in bed, drink plenty of fluids, take medication, and keep an eye on your temperature.  Today is the first day that I have felt better than about 90%.  I still have some chest congestion, a slight sore throat, and I am still experiencing a shortness of breath with even […] Read more »

Minimalism: “Do Not Spoil What You Have, By Desiring What You Have Not”

This is a guest post by David from Life Excursion and the newly founded The Minimalist Path. I am sorry to say, but I am not here to bring you the best and brightest make-a-million-dollars-in-the-next-hour-and-never-worry-about-budgeting-again article. What I am here to tell you is that if you are looking for a kick-start way to bring about a lifestyle that allows you to be a full force enemy of debt, I may be able to help. I have been a big fan of Brad and Enemy of Debt for a couple months. He has helped me financially in ways he doesn’t […] Read more »

Quarantined For The Moment

Okay, so I am not really quarantined, but I feel like I should be.  I have had a temperature on and off since Sunday evening.  Today my temperature was 101 something.  With all of the swine flu outbreaks out there I tried to make an appointment to be seen by my doctor so I could get proper treatment if needed. Apparently, if you have been sick for more than 48 hours then you do not qualify for treatment.  Kind of odd if you ask me, especially if what I have is the swine flu.  (there has been a large outbreak […] Read more »

Debt Snowball – Staying Motivated While Paying Off Your Larger Debts

Are you finding yourself feeling frustrated or overwhelmed with paying down a large debt?  As I have recently become debt free myself, I understand completely.  Our last debt was approximately $9,000, and it took us what seemed like forever to eliminate it.  During that time, we often felt we were making little progress, mainly because the “quick wins” motivational boost we had been receiving from paying off our earlier debts was no more. I can’t stress to you enough how important those “quick wins” were to us.  I think I might have a solution to this problem that might give […] Read more »

Debt Free News: My Debt Free Journey

Not sure if interviewing yourself really counts as an interview.  I thought it would be helpful to some to see what we struggled with and how we handled the task of becoming debt free.  Furthermore, if you have any other questions for me feel free to ask them in the comment section.  Happy Debt Free Friday! The Enemy of Debt Questionnaire – EOD Question 1: First of all how much debt have you paid off, and when did this journey begin?  Are you completely 100% debt free, including the mortgage? We have paid off 26,076.75 and our journey began on […] Read more »

Cash For Clunkers Revisited – Lesson To Be, Or Not To Be Learned, That Is The Question!

Debt For Suckers Government Plan – Did It Work? When the Cash for Clunkers program launched I could not believe the people that enthusiastically lined up at dealerships to receive their shackles.  The feeling across the nation was that this was a good program that was going to help people.  Help people go into debt during an out of control economy maybe, but help people it did not.  I just could not comprehend such poor judgment in the minds of the very people complaining about record unemployment, rising interest rates, and a rising number of foreclosures. It just proves that […] Read more »

4 Personal Development Authors That Have Helped Me Grow

Dave Ramsey – (Financial) Perhaps one of the most influential financial gurus of our time, Dave Ramsey is a best selling author, founder of Financial Peace University, and radio personality for the syndicated and highly popular Dave Ramsey Show.  He has made it his mission in life to help people get out of debt so they can enjoy what he calls financial peace.  His hard-lined views challenge the current mindset of  society by debunking common myths associated with debt and money.  He does a very good job of helping you understand not only what you should do, but why you […] Read more »

Self-Reliance: A Thing Of The Past, Or A New Frontier?

As my readers know I am pretty big on personal responsibility. By staying away from the blame game that keeps us static, we should tap into our own abilities to resolve the most complex of problems.  I believe that we have within us a tremendous ability to make things happen for ourselves. Today, there seems to be a growing effort to stifle those abilities, and I believe that is a big mistake. We have gone from a country of creativity and ingenuity to what seems to be one of entitlements and dependence. I am very happy to announce that I […] Read more »

Passion Fuels Success – Use It To Your Advantage!

Society as a whole seems to follow the “Thank god it’s Friday!” mentality when it comes to work.   What comes next is the follow-up phrase, “Oh no, it’s Monday!”, as the alarm clock shocks you into reality first thing Monday morning.  What’s the purpose of that?  Why do we subject ourselves to hating more about our life than we like?  Out of 365 days each year we work approximately 260 of them, and we spend 208 of those 260 days waiting for Friday to arrive. Why? “Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart […] Read more »

We’re Debt FREEEEEEEE!!!

…20 months in the making. We are finally debt free! Two months to save $2,000, and 18 months to pay off about $26,000! The feeling is amazing! We owe NO ONE but our mortgage company! NO car payments! No furniture payments! No student loans! No more stupid debt for us please! A lot of people dream about this day, but it seems like fewer people actually work towards it! Are you that person? We used to be. We accepted all of the social standards for having and using debt and it didn’t work out. Freedom is so much more sweet […] Read more »

Special Announcement On Monday

I have a special announcement to make here on ENEMY OF DEBT!  I wanted to make it today but since it is sooo special I wanted to take a little more time to post it as an audio blog.  I am also running short on time today since I have to go to work at 5:30. I want to thank all of you for being patient with me as I have not posted as regularly as I would have liked lately.  I would also like to thank each and every single one of my subscribers for allowing me to share […] Read more »


There are lots of things that people waste money on, but I want to talk about something that I used to waste money on.  Movies!  Do you have a DVD collection that rocks?  I have noticed that people take great pride in their DVD collection, and you often hear them proclaim it’s greatness with enthusiasm.  I used to be one of those people that collected movies, that was at least until I realized how much money I WASTED on movies that I hardly ever watched.  I started asking myself if the value was worth the expense. People like to brag […] Read more »

Brad Goes To Sweet Briar

Well everybody, the big day has come and gone.  Friday was quite the day indeed.   For those of you that do not know I was asked to speak at Sweet Briar College (a girls college) about starting out with topics such as savings, budgeting, student loans, and buying a house.  The event was being held for a local Grapevine group called Virginia Network of Black/African-American Women in Higher Education.  It was a great bunch of ladies! As far as  being nervous I never really got nervous.  That came as a huge surprise for me but I am pretty sure my […] Read more »